Monday 9 February 2015

I believe I can fly....

Facts about me...(relevant to this blog) 'wink'

You shall notice that my feet rarely touch the ground (on camera)...the only time my true nature is captured. Yes, the naked eye can't see it but I can fly. #Angel# . Ok  ok maybe I'm not an actual Angel, but what I'm jus tryna say is I believe in myself.

Defensive much, Oh best believe I have a reason for every little thing I do and say, it comes with being a perfectionist I guess...good luck convincing me I'm wrong. (chuckle)

I can keep a secret- my own little durrty secrets and even secrets I haven't been asked to keep (smh). That being said you can agree that it is only fair to share some of or all the juiciest stories that I have kept to myself all these years. There you have it, the reason why I just had to blog : I'M CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET!!!!!

How is that for an introduction...hmmm, i'm quite pleased. Kashiri , did  I hit you with my amazeballsness????????


  1. Bullseye! More more more pls. #waitingtoreaditall

  2. This should be interesting...

  3. Ini ndine chikumbiro chimwe chete .....let the hash tag cleaningoutYOURcloset br just that !!! I will sue for any of my closets being cleaned lol 😜

    1. hahaha. watch this space. U cld be part of her closet ka. Lols.

  4. Ummmm interesting Angel#inspired# waiting for more more 😃

  5. ok this here is good!like like like like-cnt wait for next post!!!