Friday 1 January 2016


Dear Kashiri

You know you had a choice right
Watch from sidelines
Love from a distance
Care just enough to be cordial
Or simply ignore

I think , you didn't even think
Like falling in love only not all consuming
Just a simple act of kindness
I think, that's what you think
Only not so simple to me

From the one gesture was born a feeling
Admiration, Respect, Love, Inspiration
Words that come close to describing it
Nothing to sum it up
Not blind love or hero worship
A feeling so real, indescribable

No blood involved yet so strong
The bond formed between friends that are more than friends
Like family, the kind you pick out yourself
It's easy to be your friend
Not that easy to be your sister
But that much more fulfilling
That love unconditional, the love for family

We fight you know
Never like crazed people
Tempers flare , emotions get high
No insults hurled still
You just get me, I am in awe
Dude you are real, It's so cool

I think you don't realize how I feel
Or maybe you just don't see what I see
I don't dwell on that though
Because you are my sister my friend
Even if it means less to you than it does to me

Kashiri you should know

I got you...
                           I love you,
I'll be here!!!!

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