Monday 11 January 2016

Heart Pains : Letters to him

Dear Mr ...

I can't place this feeling
Am I resigned, sad, afraid 
Why am I calm, wondering

Maybe tomorrow I will feel
Or maybe I will sink into oblivion
Not missing you or wondering
Wouldn't mind at all

My reality is dark that's what it is
There could be light at the end of the tunnel
No one knows
Walk with me please that's all I ask

I have come to a realisation
That this feeling, love, hard to suppress
Why you though, jury is still out
Stubborn fact: for as long as I feel it I know I will be here

I am here...

Hello Mr ...

I'm exhausted
Been running up Everest and down
The high and low 
Losing my breathe
My heart's weathering

I'm feeling dizzy
Been on the merry go round
More than a thousand circles
Losing my mind
My head is spinning

Lost in the silence between us
This cave ,dark and eerie
Your laughter an echo,scary
I'm not afraid, just numb

My heart and head useless now
Addled, sapped can't do anything now
I'm just waiting on you now

Release me

Lost girl

She has a broken campus useless in the woods
Looking for hidden pirates treasure,precious
Deep into the woods she goes
Drawn by a strong force,supernatural

She has no map
Her bearing all messed up
Promised treasure nowhere to be found
A wild goose chase it was
That sweet devil's whisper, enchanting

Which way is home , the trees all look the same
There is a storm brewing 
Lost in the woods, alone freezing
Needing a miracle, light

Lost girl
Wait for day
Dawn is near.

Dear Mr ...

My deepest regrets
Your flowers have wilted
A painful death, irreversible
I wept, my tears dried
You stayed away, just a little too long

Your place in my heart, void
My feelings for you, ashes
Buried deep, to be unseen
I bled, I'm healing
You stayed away, just a little too long

Its a little too late now
The waters run dry
You are lost, ghost
Only memories live on 

I am not afraid to remember
You shouldn't either
Vivid memories of moments, all so surreal
Those will fade
A beautiful dream shared

Wake up now...


  1. The last remains of a broken heart. *sob* Dark, very very dark but know there is beauty in the shadows.

  2. the literary work is very impressive and well put. when you look at this after the dust has settled you are going to be surprised too.

  3. Pain ... too familiar, stories of the heart... sigh.

  4. Dear Mr... i love your work..#realtalent