Friday 18 November 2016


Give love to him that has great sadness
That which is born by bitterness
Denied true happiness by circumstances
Driven to the edges, poisoning all possibilities

Devoid of all hope, positivity
He carries a shadow of negativity
Corrupting the sweet minds in his vicinity
Angry banter bringing him comfort and perverted,twisted,unnatural felicity

Hugs to him who has been receiving lemons
Unable to make lemonade, bottling the sour
Gallons of flesh eating acid flowing within
Birthing unrelenting pain

Bitterness is a cloud of ruins set for an impending implosion
It runs deep, tainting the soul
Hiding obvious beauty placing a fault in the stars
Without it an imperfect simpler existence awaits

Advice to him that is holding on to past misfortunes
Spit out the bitter and taste the sweet
Move on from the ghosts you can not fight
Let it go


  1. This is beautiful.I had this problem of holding onto stuff fromk the past but you are right i know first hand its always better to let go..