Monday 7 March 2016

My Person

How do you do that
Seeing the invisible that is but locked in by my inhibitions
Slithering through the cracks to the orifice of my core
Demolishing the barriers, the walls alien to me
Dormancy broken

Rebirth, my evil twin set free
This brightness so foreign, blinding
I'm in peculiar a place that feels like home
Comfortable like a perfect shoe size

Delirious, confounded, I'm out of my skin
A new high, that of the crack I have never had
Defying gravity, I'm flying
Fearlessly going with the flow
I'm embracing my nature

Breaking the rules I made for reasons bizarre
I'm rewriting my story, my truth
Oblivious to my evolution you sail along
Providing the perfect environment for my being to flourish
Your presence my nourishment

Suddenly whole because you came
An unsung Knight now mine
True to my being because you are
You are , My person

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